Your Spiritual Temperature

One week ago it was winter coat weather along the North Coast. Snow was  predicted. Today the forecast promises 70 degrees! Temperatures change quickly along Lake Erie.

There are significant fluctuations in spiritual temperature, too. We can have those moments of great inspiration when the spiritual temperature is warm and rising. We can have those days when we are feeling as if being a part of the “frozen chosen” is an apt description of our spiritual condition.

This is not new. And, it would seem that such fluctuations in spiritual temperature are fluctuations which God understands.

Perhaps the only spiritual temperature condition which is hazardous to us over time is being lukewarm. The “taste” of lukewarm is not pleasing. The Book of Revelation (3:16) warns of this spiritual temperature condition. Another word for it might be ambivalence.

One of the ways to counter ambivalence is to be invested in spirit-enhancing things. Disciplined times of listening to up-lifting music, taking recreational walks, having intentional conversation with trusted friends about values are just some of the ways in which we can be invested in spirit-enhancing things.

It is not good to be lukewarm. It is not good to be ambivalent. Assuming room temperature is not a healthy thing. So, perhaps the great temperature fluctuations of the North Coast serve as a wonderful reminder of One Cool God who inspires strangely warmed hearts; a condition of spiritual temperature which makes us aware of vital living and a vital connection to the Lord of life.

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