Case Western Reserve University: Trendiest “School that Flies Under the Academic Radar…But Shouldn’t – HuffPost College

Ranked the #41 best national university by the U.S. News, this school definitely flies under the academic radar. But with a student body whose top majors include biomedical engineering, there’s no denying that Case kids are smart. Very smart. Yet we rarely hear about Case in the news. Until, that is, the numbers for 2011 applications came rolling in. Case’s applications had sky-rocketed by 44.51%. Rick Bischoff, vice president for enrollment at the Ohio university, attributed the dramatic rise to recruitment. He said counselors visited 900 high schools, compared with 300 high schools three years ago. In addition, the university reached out earlier and more frequently to potential applicants through increased email and other communications. Still, with an increase that large, we think word of Case’s beautiful campus, fiber-optic gigabit Ethernet (for all those future Case engineering majors out there) and expansive academic and research opportunities finally began to reach the masses, drawing in more and more of the goal-oriented, self-motivated students that typify the Case student body.

Congrats to our neighbor!

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